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Uber fired more than 20 employees as part of a wide-ranging sexual harassment probeby Circa News

Uber, the subject of a slew of sexual harassment claims since its launch, told employees Tuesday that it had fired more than 20 people as part of a wide-ranging probe, a source told Bloomberg. 

The ride-hailing company did not identify the employees who were fired.

Bobbie, Wilson, an attorney at Perkins Coie LLP, provided more than 12,000 employees with an assessment of the firm's investigation. 

A separate probe commissioned by Uber and led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder gave recommendations to a subcommittee of Uber's board of directors. 

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In the review of 215 human resources claims dating back to 2012, Perkins Coie didn't take action in 100 cases while it continues to investigate 57 others. Thirty-one employees are in counseling or training, while seven have received written warnings.

The issues included harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other HR matters.

Uber's action comes after sexual harassment and discrimination allegations have tainted the company's image. 

Uber commissioned a pair of investigations after a former employee published a blog post detailing instances of harassment and discrimination. 

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick asked Amit Singhal, the new head of software engineering, to resign after the company had learned of a sexual harassment claim against him at his former employer, Google. Singhal denied the allegation.