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360 movie theaters aren't a thing, yet. But 270 are, and they're now in the Fernando Hurtado

WATCH: You can find one of these 270 theaters in Los Angeles, Buena Park, California, and in Las Vegas.

Immersive 360-degree cinema is coming, but while you wait, the people over at ScreenX thought 270 degrees would hold you over.

The ScreenX technology used the adjacent walls in regular movie theaters to project a little more of the movie, proving what they call an "immersive experience."

This technology isn't new. It's huge in South Korea, having launched in 2012. But now it's in the U.S., and you can find it in Los Angeles, Buena Park, California, and Las Vegas.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" is the first American film to be screened in this format.

We visited CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles' Koreatown on a Thursday afternoon to see what people thought of ScreenX's arrival to the American film industry.

Nyang, who was there watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" with her son, was impressed.

"You can actually feel that you are in the scene, and it actually moves around you," she told Circa.

But there's a catch. The entire movie isn't in 270, just parts of it. Nyang says she prefers this.

"If it was ScreenX the whole time," Nyang said, "it could've been a little bit more confusing."

She says she prefers watching movies in ScreenX over 3-D.

You should probably see for yourself, though. Tickets to "Pirates" in ScreenX run at $13.50 for adults, which is the same price as the regular 2-D screening.

ScreenX has 75 screens in 44 locations worldwide and plans to operate 10,000 screens by 2020.