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Bipartisan senators want to authorize war against ISIS
No, Obama is not the 'founder' of ISIS -- this guy is
Kurdish forces are trying to take back ISIS's last major stronghold in Iraq
ISIS has reportedly killed hundreds of men and children in the battle for Mosul
ISIS beheaded 4 soccer players for playing 'un-Islamic' sport
A senior ISIS commander was reportedly killed in the battle for Mosul
Five European countries accidentally paid welfare benefits to ISIS fighters
ISIS has dumped thousands of bodies in a 100-foot-wide 'death' sinkhole
ISIS called for more lone wolf attacks in Australia on iconic landmarks
Turkey's campaign against the Kurds could weaken the fight against ISIS
What it's like inside the Christian village where Iraqis have escaped from ISIS
ISIS claims responsibility for attack on French church, execution of priest during Mass
Iraq launched a new offensive to drive ISIS out of western Mosul
ISIS urged extremists to 'dress up like a Jew' and carry out lone-wolf attacks in the West
US troops abandoned weapons in ISIS firefight
ISIS spokesman killed inspecting military operations in Syria
A female medical student was planning an ISIS suicide attack on Easter in Pakistan
ISIS may be behind a recent mustard gas attack on US and Iraqi forces
Some 'problem' ISIS fighters are reportedly calling out sick
Report: Why ISIS' plan for an even bigger Paris attack failed
Three Florida residents charged with conspiring to support ISIS
President Trump is headed to Pentagon to rally for new objectives to better fight ISIS
ISIS claims responsibility for ax attack that wounded 5 on German train
US-backed coalition forces announced a plan to retake Raqqa, the de facto capital of ISIS
A US-backed Syrian force launched an assault on the de facto ISIS capital of Raqqa
Escaped ISIS sex slave urges Congress to fight terror group
Three-quarters of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria have been killed in US-led airstrikes
ISIS has issued a threat aimed at the families of US consulate staff in Istanbul
Iraqi troops stormed an ISIS-held town south of Mosul
Iraqi troops stormed an ISIS-held town south of Mosul
The FBI and the DHS issued warnings about ISIS holiday threats
An Ohio man was accused of trying to join ISIS after booking a flight to Libya
ISIS claims to confiscate US military equipment, ID cards in Afghanistan
ISIS leader and mastermind behind the massive truck bomb has been killed in Afghanistan
Here's how one organization is working to help Yazidis who escaped ISIS
ISIS claimed responsibility for a deadly mass shooting at an Istanbul nightclub
ISIS bombings killed dozens in Baghdad on Saturday
'Why would they pick me?' -- What it's like to be on an ISIS hit list
Iraq's prime minister said an operation to drive ISIS out of Mosul has begun
Report: Hundreds of ISIS fighters killed in US-led airstrikes near Fallujah