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The man who made the rainbow flag a symbol of gay rights died at 65
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NBA pulls All-Star game from North Carolina due to transgender bathroom bill
Boy Scouts of America will now allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll
A group says it was booted from a gay pride parade for supporting President Trump
6 ways the VP nominees are totally different from their running mates
The next US Census won't count LGBT Americans. Activists say they're being abandoned.
The 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub attack were remembered in daylong services
Richard Simmons is suing several tabloids for publishing false sex-change articles
A repeal of the North Carolina 'bathroom bill' has failed in a bitter divide
A gay Mike Pence look-alike is collecting money to help LGBT organizations
We went to a queer pop-up dinner party and it was magical
Students from Pace University in NYC rallied all weekend in support of Planned Parenthood
Army secretary nominee Mark Green withdrew his name from consideration
Ben & Jerry's is taking a dip into politics to encourage marriage equality in Australia
Stonewall Inn, site of 1969 riots, becomes 1st LGBT national monument
Miley Cyrus has opened up about coming out as pansexual
Here's what the DNC's first openly trans speaker says is the next big civil rights fight
Hillary Clinton's not the only woman at the DNC running for president
Anti-Trump protests are taking place in cities around the country
India opened its first-ever school for transgender students
First the NBA, then the NCAA, now the ACC: Sports flee North Carolina over bathroom bill
The NC governor signed a repeal of the bathroom bill. Some LGBT advocates aren't happy.
Researchers found that the legalization of same-sex marriage led to a lower suicide rate
Students at Notre Dame walked out of their commencement while Mike Pence spoke
Outrage was sparked after the election, but President-elect Trump praised the protesters
Hillary Clinton makes history: 'Let's be stronger together'
Donald Trump's child care plan covers gay parents, and evangelicals aren't happy