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Trump defended the wave of deportations after protests broke out in major cities
A 13-year-old girl captured the moment her undocumented father was whisked away by ICE
'Oh and I'm undocumented': Valedictorian receives deportation threats after tweet
They're undocumented and can't vote, but these students have a lot to say about the debate
Why the country's most elite universities are giving undocumented students full rides
This university just voted to increase tuition if it means helping undocumented students
Soldiers arrested for allegedly smuggling undocumented immigrants across Texas border
This app is the panic button for undocumented immigrants when ICE comes knocking
Big-city mayors are risking millions in federal funding to protect undocumented immigrants
Sec. John Kelly said the US doesn't 'have time to go after' all undocumented immigrants
Undocumented immigrant arrests are up 38 percent nationwide under Trump
LA officially made its public school campuses sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants
Homeland Security told agents to capture and deport every undocumented immigrant they find
This undocumented immigrant can't vote but she's going door-to-door for Clinton
Thousands of undocumented immigrants said they were forced to work for $1 a day or less
Drafts of new Homeland Security rules show sweeping changes to deportation policies
Homeland Security may separate immigrants crossing the border illegally from their kids
Critics say Trump's plan to publicize illegal immigrants' crimes amounts to 'scapegoating'
A former Homeland Security chief says Univ. of California campuses are safe for immigrants
A bipartisan group of lawmakers is trying to prevent Trump from deporting Dreamers
Here are the four biggest changes in Homeland Security's new deportation rules
Homeland Security said more than 600,000 foreigners overstayed their visas last year
ICE arrested the father of a Maryland high school student accused of rape
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced new penalties for sanctuary cities
Irish leader reminded Trump of this immigration problem he doesn't focus on
Jeff Sessions said Trump's border wall would lead to 'zero' illegal border crossings
A new border security measure could separate children from adults who enter illegally
Immigration groups are holding nationwide protests against Donald Trump
Trump's budget slashes programs for the poor and aims to eliminate the deficit in a decade
Andrew Puzder has withdrawn from consideration for labor secretary
Paul Ryan called Russia a 'global menace' led by a 'menacing man'
Harvard's dining hall workers are on strike, and 11 protesters were arrested
Sean Spicer defended Trump's immigration policy and rejected claims of anti-Semitism
Philadelphia canceled its Cinco de Mayo festival amid fears of an ICE raid
Harvard's dining hall workers are on strike, and 11 protesters were arrested
Deportations of former Dreamers has ramped up under Trump, according to DHS data
Murder charge dropped in 15-year-old Chandra Levy case
California is poised to become a 'sanctuary state' after Trump threatened sanctuary cities
People are boycotting Starbucks after its CEO announced plans to hire refugees was completely overhauled. Here are its top 6 issues.