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We need to thank Jamie Foxx for giving us Ed Sheeranby Grant Kolton

WATCH| With Ed Sheeran releasing his third studio album, Divide, he tells us how it all started for him.

In 2010, after hearing Sheeran perform one night in LA, Jamie Foxx invited Sheeran to perform on his radio show.  Listen to that performance from seven years ago!

And as it turns out, Ed Sheeran isn’t the only person Jamie Foxx has taken under his wing.  Watch Foxx at his studio telling stories about Diddy, Nick Cannon, Sheeran and Drake.

WATCH|Sheeran also brought it back to the first time he heard himself on the radio and how his fans became the Sheerios.

WATCH| If your curious about the inspiration behind some of the tracks, peep this video.