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Meet Buddy, the funeral therapy dog that's comforting people who are in griefby Shaun Mir
Feel Good

WATCH | Buddy is an 18-month-old Golden Retriever therapy dog at Winfield Funeral Home in Smithfield, Rhode Island. He's there for those in times of deepest sorrow. 

The owner of the funeral home, Tommy Winfield, trained Buddy to show tender love and care to complete strangers. Winfield says the results have had incredible positive effects.  

"Somebody was waiting to see him, turns out he was an Iraqi War veteran suffering PTSD," Winfield recounts. "And he knelt down, and Buddy just went over and leaned on him." 

According to a recent Boston Globe article, therapy dogs at funeral homes have increased in popularity over the years. 

When I saw what he's capable of doing, it makes my job easier sometimes

Tommy Winfield speaking on Buddy's talent

The funeral home even created cute business cards for Buddy's services. 

The inside of the business card.