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A Pennsylvania man got huge payout after a surgeon removed the wrong testicleby Allison Maass
The Bizarre

After a doctor accidentally removed the wrong testicle during surgery, a Pennsylvania jury awarded a man $870,000, the Washington Post reported. 

Steven Hanes, 53, underwent surgery in 2013 after his right testicle had atrophied due to a previous injury and he had persistent pain. But when he woke up, his left testicle was the one that was removed. 

“At this point, it appeared that the left testicle and cord may actually have been removed instead of the right one,” surgeon Valley Spencer Long wrote in a report after surgery, according to court records. 

Hanes filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in 2014 against the surgeon and J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital. 

“This case, I understand why it kind of went viral just because of what is involved, but the reality is, it's a condition that has affected my client significantly. Although some people may see it as kind of laughing matter initially, the award was completely justified based on the evidence and the toll that it's taken on Steve," Hane's attorney, Braden Lepisto, told the Washington Post

Lepisto also said Hanes continues to have pain in his right testicle but is too afraid to receive treatment after the accident.