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Brazil’s president has been charged with corruptionby Circa News
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Brazil’s attorney general Rodrigo Janot on Monday formally accused President Michel Temer of corruption, according to The Associated Press.

Temer is reportedly the first sitting president in the history of South America’s largest nation to face criminal charges.

AP reported that the case now goes to the lower Chamber of Deputies in Brazil’s Congress, which must decide if it has merit.

Temer will reportedly be suspended for up to 180 days should two-thirds of the legislature find the charges against him legitimate.

House Speaker Rodrigo Maia, who is an ally of Temer, would purportedly become Brazil’s interim president in that scenario.

Some Twitter users on Monday suggested that Temer had the charges coming due to his past conduct.

Others posting on the social media platform suggested a link between Temer and President Trump.

Janot on Monday said in his decision that Temer took a bribe of about $150,000 some time between last March and April.

Brazil’s top prosecutor reportedly launched an investigation of Temer last month for corruption, obstruction of justice and being part of a criminal organization.

The bribe was allegedly offered by Joesly Batista, who is the former chairman of the meat-packing company JBS.

A recording reportedly emerged of Temer speaking with Batista earlier this year and endorsing hush money for former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha.

Cunha, a Temer ally, is reportedly serving a 15-year sentence for corruption, while Batista has reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors.