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Attackers in a police helicopter lobbed grenades at Venezuela's Supreme Courtby Circa News
Global News

WATCH | There was a heavy police presence in Caracas after a helicopter attack on Venezuela's Supreme Court.

Attackers in a police helicopter launched an attack on the Venezuelan Supreme Court on Tuesday. The helicopter was flown by an officer in the country's investigative police force, Oscar Perez. Attackers fired gunshots and threw grenades, but government officials said no one was injured. Perez's whereabouts are unknown, the BBC reported.

The incident comes amid protests against President Nicolas Maduro's regime. Earlier Tuesday, Maduro said his supporters would be ready to take up arms if the "Bolivarian revolution" was threatened.

Before the attack, Perez posted a video.

The video went viral on social media. In it, Perez said that there was an operation underway to seize democracy back from Venezuela's "criminal government."

Perez added that he was a pilot in the special response unit of Venezuela's Criminal Investigative Police and demanded that Maduro step down.

Someone posted a photo of the helicopter. 

Maduro claimed that this incident was an attempt to destabilize the government and accused the U.S. of supporting coup attempts against his government, warning President Trump that Venezuela would resist such a move.