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ISIS leader and mastermind behind the massive truck bomb has been killed in Afghanistan by Sara A. Carter and Sajid Khan

The acting ISIS leader behind one of Afghanistan's most deadly attacks was purportedly killed Thursday by Afghan forces in the eastern Tora Bora mountains, a region once made famous in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, Afghan and Pakistani intelligence officials told Circa. 

Abdul Razaq,  who was known as the ISIS deputy commander and whose alias was Khalid Mansoor, was apparently killed during a fight with Afghan forces, along with two other low ranking members of the group, an ISIS commander confirmed in an audio clip obtained by Circa. 

Mansoor was the operational commander of the military wing of the terrorist group's Afghanistan branch, known as ISIS Khorasan, according to the ISIS Clip.  According to Afghan intelligence, Mansoor was the mastermind behind the truck bomb last month that killed 90 people in Kabul's diplomatic district and wounded more than 400, including 11 Americans. It was one of the most deadly attacks since the start of the Afghan war. 

The picture purportedly shows ISIS leader Khalid Mansoor, who was killed Thursday by Afghan military in the eastern Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan. The picture was obtained by sources in the region. (Sajid Khan, obtained photo) 

U.S. intelligence officials would not comment on the recent reports. ISIS leaders had claimed last week that the group had captured the eastern Tora Bora mountain, along with other areas of eastern Afghanistan. 

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The Tora Bora region was once an Al-Qaeda safe-haven with training camps and it was there where bin-Laden escaped U.S. capture after the September 11 attacks.  Afghan special forces launched the larger scale operations against ISIS last week, in response to the terrorist group's growing presence in the nation's eastern province and increased attacks on civilians and security apparatus. 

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