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The US has downed a pro-Assad drone in Syria
Expert: Detained American's release could be sign of better relations with North Korea
North Korea tested a new type of missile capable of striking the US and S. Korea 'at will'
Board a US Coast Guard cutter and seize 700 kilos of cocaine in 360 degrees
Iran's foreign minister rejected Trump's condolences for the Tehran attacks as 'repugnant'
The Russian air force intercepted a US bomber near the coast of the Baltic Sea
PM Theresa May called for increased internet regulation after the London terror attack
A terrorist threat forced thousands at a German music concert to evacuate
The US reportedly warned the UK that the Manchester bomber was planning an attack
China warned a US Navy warship on a 'freedom of navigation operation' to leave
Expect to see a lot more security at music festivals in light of the Manchester attack
British bombing came one week after warning from Osama bin Laden's son
Osama bin Laden's son called for lone-wolf attacks on Americans in a new al Qaeda video
ISIS names new chief in Afghanistan to replace its leader killed in U.S. drone strike