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The Russian air force intercepted a US bomber near the coast of the Baltic Sea by Circa News
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The Russian air force intercepted a U.S. strategic bomber passing near the Baltic Sea coastline Tuesday morning and proceeded to escort it away from Russian sovereign air space, Newsweek reported.

The encounter took place at 10 a.m. Russian time on Tuesday morning, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.  Following the approach by the U.S. B-52 bomber, the Russian air force dispatched a Su-27 fighter to intercept the bomber. 

"The crew of the Russian Su-27 approached the aerial objects at a safe distance, identified it as an American strategic bomber B-52 and carried out escort maneuvers," said a statement made by the Russian Ministry of Defense. 

U.S. personnel are currently located in the region near the Baltic for two annual exercises, the Saber Strike in Estonia and the naval Baltops exercise. This zone often sees NATO and Russian forces intercept each other due to their proximity to each other.